NoopMail: Mail tạm thời, mail nhận một lần

Hãy quên đi thư rác, thư quảng cáo, hack và tấn công robot. Giữ hộp thư thực của bạn sạch sẽ và an toàn. Temp Mail cung cấp địa chỉ email tạm thời, an toàn, ẩn danh, miễn phí và dùng một lần.

Check your temp mail Kiểm tra

This API allows Developers as well as QA Testers to run automated processes to test how their email workflows, such as sign-ups and password resets, work with a large number of disposable email accounts.

Noop Mail(Temp mail) API can be used in a number of ways, whether it is a manual testing process, an API call, or using an automation framework such as Selenium, Cypress, Playwright, or Puppeteer to automate email testing.

Noop Mail(Temp mail) API is also a good choice for building apps or websites that create Temporary Disposable Emails on a regular basis.

Getting started

Choose between two API management platforms to use the API

How it works:

  • Get any email address using our domain names.
  • Verify your email address on sites that require it.
  • Site sends email to specified addresses.
  • We receive the message through our SMTP server, process it, and store it.
  • You request a list of emails using the API with your login and domain information.
  • You can request our API with the message ID to get the JSON formatted message with body, subject, date, attachments, etc in a JSON format.
  • Alternatively, you can get the raw message in the base64 encoding as it arrived.

Please note

You can generate any email address using our domain names without API notification - just think of it as username@our_domains. All incoming messages are received by our servers; just call them correctly. Our services automatically delete all incoming email messages within 1-2 hours (self-destroyed). Government services and major financial institutions cannot send messages to you, nor can you read messages from abuse@, webmaster@, contact@, postmaster@, hostmaster@, admin@. You can use any other address.

Feel free to contact us via feedback form or [email protected]

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